About me

I am a native speaker of Arabic with over 12 years of work experience as an English-Arabic translator. For the last eight years (since 2014), I have been working on my own as a freelancer. I have worked with many companies and NGOs and translated content from different fields; politics, business, humanitarian response, law, technology and others.

There are four types of translation that I do: document translation, audio-visual translation, localization, and consecutive interpreting. 

My previous work experience includes working for businesses and educational institutions. I worked as a research analyst for Thomson-Reuters, an intellectual property assistant at AGIP, and a teacher of English as a foreign language at Damascus University.

I have a master’s degree in audiovisual translation and a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from Damascus University.

In addition to being a native speaker of Arabic and having a native-like command of English, I can speak and write Turkish to an intermediate level and Japanese to an elementary level.

My technical skills include knowledge of webdesign, SEO and digital marketing. I used these skills to create this website and easyarabicnews.com. I continue to maintain the websites and manage the necessary back-end development.